Virtual Assistant Services: Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Brighton, East Sussex, South East, UK

PaperChase provides Outsourcing services to Small to Medium size Businesses, Charities, the Third Sector, Local Authorities and Schools, in the form of Business Support Services.

How does it work?

Because PaperChase provide Virtual Assistance, your business can be anywhere in the country and the work you need carried out can be transmitted to PaperChase via e-mail, fax, post or collected by courier as part of our service. PaperChase can also provide courier services for deadline deliveries.

PaperChase can provide either regular work services or work on a "one off" basis.

PaperChase can also provide extra assistance for "one off" projects or project schedules requiring research and administration.

Why use PaperChase?

PaperChase provides a fast, accurate and confidential service at competitive rates.

PaperChase has been set up through the recognition that local commerce as well as the global market means that businesses not only have to be competitive, but also potentially run 24 hours a day (depending on the services your business provides).

In order to achieve these objectives it has been necessary for many businesses to review their overheads and downsize to increase maximum cost efficiency. This usually results in less administrative support and extra work and pressure for existing individuals. This is the time to consider outsourcing as it can ease the workload, help alleviate the potential pressure and stress and allow you to continue to develop the skills in the line of work that you are the expert in.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing good quality services and have a Code of Conduct we follow in our work with clients.

Please contact us for more information.

Cost Benefits

Comparing Virtual Assistants with Employed Administrators or Managers:

Advantages & Disadvantages Employee Virtual Assistant
Transparent costs - what you pay is what you get No Yes
Pay only for work required No Yes
Provision of workspace and facilities Yes No
Recruitment & Induction costs Yes No
Employers National Insurance Contributions to pay Yes No
Regular PAYE tasks Yes No
Required to pay wages in quiet periods Yes No
Governed by Employers Legislation, e.g. Worktime Directive, National Minimum Wage, etc. Yes No
Expenditure for equipment and software yes No

Packages & Prices

Option 1
Specific Rate - please see table below for detailed breakdown of prices

Option 2
Hourly Rate - this varies between £15 - £30 per hour (depending on the work required)

Option 3
Monthly Contract Packages

Package Hours per Month Charge per Month
1 5 £100
2 10 £200
3 20 £350
4 30 £450
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