Training for the Third Sector

Policies & Procedures

PaperChase can provide training to help your staff understand your organisation’s working policies and procedures and their responsibilities in terms of working within the policies and procedures.

PaperChase can also deliver training to help your organisation develop working policies & procedures.

Organisation & Project Planning

PaperChase can deliver training to help your organisation cultivate the skills required to develop effective Organisation and Project plans. This training includes developing strategic Aims & Objectives, Review of Current activities, Organisational development, SWOT Analysis, Marketing, Networking, Contingency & Exit strategies, Planning Cycles & Training Needs Analysis, basic Financial Planning/Cashflow Forecasts/Budgets.

Working with Disabled People

PaperChase can deliver training to help your organisation raise its awareness and understanding of disability and ensure your organisation meets legislative requirements such as Equality Act 2010 equality of opportunity both in recruitment as well as delivering services to disabled clients, etc.

Training includes cultivating the skills within your organisation to assess how it can meet these requirements and ensure your organisation has an ‘easy to achieve action plan’ to help develop this area of work. 

• Human Resources – Recruitment, Management, Supervision & Retention

PaperChase can deliver training to help your organisation cultivate the skills required to develop cost effective recruitment processes, examples of good practice in Recruitment & Induction, time & cost effective management & supervision of staff and the all-important retention of valuable employees.

New recruitment can be extremely costly, not only in time spent on the recruiting process but also on training new staff to bring them ‘up to speed’. This training can help your organisation develop good practice & processes which will ensure your organisation meets its legal requirements as well as retains valuable staff.

Play & Playwork

PaperChase specialises in Children’s Services and can deliver training in Play and Playwork, including inclusive Play and Playwork and Quality in Play to any organisations delivering services to Children and Families. PaperChase has extensive experience in all aspects of organisational/business work for Children’s Services.

Team Building

PaperChase can deliver training to help your organisation cultivate a good staff team which has a direct impact on the working environment and the organisation as a whole. A good staff team enables all staffing levels to work together toward a common goal and help the culture of the organisation develop. The training includes Personality styles, Differences, Roles, Motivation & Enthusiasm, Groups dynamics, etc.

This training can also be delivered as a Team Building event where everyone within the organisation can review its current organisation activities and explore opportunities for future development or be part of its annual review.

Training for the Third Sector


PaperChase can deliver training to help your key staff develop assertiveness. Staff not being able to deal with challenging service users, difficult situations, stress, etc. can have a direct impact on the working of the organisation. Assertiveness training will help staff be ‘in control’ and thereby reduce stress and anxiety. It also enables staff to communicate effectively, which can have a positive impact on improving the quality of the service provided, team working, etc. within the organisation.


PaperChase can deliver training to help your organisation’s managers cultivate the skills to become effective Leaders and actively lead their staff team. The training explores Personalities and Leadership Styles, pressures of Leadership, etc. Good Leaders make all the difference to your organisation and its present and future success. It is recognised that ‘good schools’ have good Head teachers (the Leader of the school) and this is a key factor on whether a service is good or poor.

All training delivered by PaperChase is interactive and relies on delegates being actively involved in their learning. This makes the training highly effective and also allows staff to develop skills relevant to their organisation and work.

PaperChase aims to ensure that at the end of all training sessions, the staff team have developed a Short, Medium & Long Term Action Plan in order for the training to be easily implemented into the organisation.

Tailored training to meet the business’ individual needs is also available.


What people said about Working with Disabled People training:

  • ‘The training made me think from our clients perspective’
  • ‘The trainer covered the aims & objectives and was flexible in her approach’
  • ‘Has helped to simplify my approach to individual disabilities’
  • ‘Has helped me think more reflectively’
  • ‘I liked the interaction & group work in the course’
  • ‘I feel it has given me confidence to help disabled clients with the knowledge I’ve gained’
  • ‘The course was delivered in a relaxed & friendly manner which helped me take more away’
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