Support Service for Schools

PaperChase specialises in children's services, learning disabled children's services, personalisation, inclusion & play. We also specialise in sustainability for VCS services.

We can provide training in the following areas:

  • Policy Development
  • Human Resources – Recruitment, Management & Retention
  • Business & Project Planning
  • Personalisation
  • Children’s Play & Inclusive Play
  • Supporting Learning Disabled Adults to Live Independently

PaperChase can also provide the following day to day Operational Support Services:


Business Plans

PaperChase can help your organisation develop a business plan for the next 3 – 5 years, which will help everyone involved to be aware of the origin and the culture of the organisation and work towards meeting its aims, objectives and vision consistently. Business planning enables the marrying up of ‘top down' and ‘bottom up' communication and delivery.

Project plans

Developing plans for specific projects, stand alone or one off projects, such as pilot projects. Developing a schedule, action planning and management of simple and more complex projects.

Action Plans

Developing schedules of actions required to reach a specific goal e.g. sustainability, networking, etc.

Financial plans

These are usually incorporated in the business plan. Financial Plans can also be developed on their own to:

  • Determine forthcoming budgets
  • Planning the finances required for specific projects
  • Review of the organisation to deal with unexpected changes
  • Assessing sustainability
  • Exploring alternative options for medium to longer term survival
  • A total redevelopment of the organisation

Event Organisation

Event organisation – includes Conferences, Workshops, Team Building, Training, Promotional events, Public events e.g. Specialist days in a Park, Small events e.g. school fete and any other event not listed here.

Organising Events & Training – taking a brief of the event you are seeking to hold, developing an action plan for organising to final delivery.  Carrying out all organisational tasks required for the forthcoming event which includes venue's, key note speakers, presentations, equipment, layout, decorations, refreshments, marketing and promotion, bookings, etc.

Managing Events & Training – carrying out all aspects of the management for the event such as liaising with your business, delegates, venues, etc. ensuring that the planned event comes to successful fruition.  Any and all management work required leading up to, during and after the event including collection of evaluation and preparation of an evaluation report.

Support Service for Schools

Personalisation & Inclusion

Assessment & review to adopt personalisation & inclusive working practices, such as the employment of disabled people or ensuring that the products or services can meet people's individual needs & aspirations and are accessible to disabled as well as non-disabled clients.

Quality Standards & Good Practice

Assessment & review of existing working practices, identification of relevant Quality Assurance product specific for your business, e.g. PQASSO. Action planning and assistance to work through a Quality Assurance process to ensure your organisation is ‘Fit for Purpose' and in the event of a new organisation, to alleviate potential problems from the start.

Policy Development

Assisting or developing the organisations' working policies such as Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety, Recruitment, Supervision, Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures, Pay, etc


Carrying out book keeping and management accounts for the financial year and preparation up to & ready for annual Independent Examination. Monitoring income and expenditure and comparison to budgets and financial forecasts thus alleviating any unexpected financial variations that could lead to financial problems, which could put the organisation at risk of closure or legal action. Monitoring restricted income and expenditure for specific grants or Funders.


Review of the schools aims & objectives and staff profiles, qualifications, knowledge and experiences. Training Needs Analysis will be used to develop and deliver custom-made training to meet your schools' individual needs.


Researching and identifying relevant funding opportunities, assistance with developing applications and project plans (including budgets if necessary).

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