Payroll Services

PaperChase can help you with all your Payroll work, especially if you are managing your own Support Budget and/or receiving Direct Payments. 

PaperChase processes your Pay As You Earn Real Time Information (PAYE RTI) and all aspects of PAYE including SSP, SMP, Annual holiday entitlement, etc. for your staff.

Payroll can be processed either weekly or monthly and the process will generate payslips and a wide variety of reports, including advising you of your HMRC Liabilities due at each payroll process period, etc.

PaperChase can also provide ‘add on’ monitoring of staff hours and pay and generate reports for time spent on specific projects, payments made and allocated to specific projects, etc.

PaperChase can monitor restricted income and expenditure for specific funds e.g. Direct Payments.

Liaising with HMRC and acting as an agent on your behalf. 

PAYE Real Time Information

PaperChase is ready for PAYE Real Time Information Payroll and will offer payroll services to help you meet the new PAYE RTI requirements. From 5/4/13 all payroll needs to be computer based for RTI requirements.

Many individuals canít afford to run computerised payroll software. This is where PaperChase can help. We will come and chat to you about your requirements and develop a package specifically suited to your needs and budget. If you would like to discuss your PAYE RTI requirements please contact us.

Direct Payment Services for Individuals

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