Financial Support Services

Our Aims and Objectives are to empower vulnerable people to lead a ‘life more ordinary’ and enhance the quality of their life.

This will be delivered by:

  • Getting to know the individual
  • Finding out about their hopes and aspirations
  • Enabling them to help develop their own plan
  • Help them think about what the support to implement this plan would look like
  • Action Plan
  • Empower and enable the individual Implement their plan

Planning & Developing Support Plans

We will help you, the individual, to develop a support plan for your finances that can explore what you need to manage your finances, develop budgets, monitoring, etc.

Co-ordinating Support & Resources

We can help you to set up systems that can help you to manage your finances independently.  We can help you develop support tools that can help you implement your support plans and manage your finances.

PaperChase can also take on the co-ordinating role.

Negotiation & Mediation

We can help you negotiate what you need to manage your finances.  We help you by providing mediation opportunities e.g. between you and your support staff, agencies providing services to you, etc.

Direct Payment Services for Individuals


Providing training for the individual or their support staff or both.  Training may include travel training, managing their Personal Budget, managing their staff, developing new skills, etc.

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