Direct Payment Services for Individuals

Payroll Services

Setting up and processing weekly or monthly payroll for your employees/Personal Assistants. Supply of pay slips, processing End of Year P35 and P60's. Advising and/or paying of Payroll Liabilities to the Inland Revenue. Any other payroll services required to keep you compliant with Inland Revenue rules & regulations

Support with the Recruitment & Employment of staff

We can provide you with support to advertise your vacancies, writing your advert, job description, person specification, etc. We can support you with short listing, interviewing, profiling to ensure you short list get the right person. We can support you with or develop working policies and procedures for pay, disciplinary/grievance procedures, holidays, health & safety, etc.

Human Resource Support Services

We can support you with regular supervision of your staff, mediation services between you and your staff to ensure you retain a professional relationship so your support needs continue to be met.

Preparing & Sending on Monthly Returns

We can support you with or prepare and sent your monthly Direct Payment Monthly returns.

Accounts/Book Keeping Services

We can record your monthly income and expenditure for Direct Payments and reconcile your bank statements.

Sign Posting to Help, Advice & Training

We can sign post you to local and national help, advice, information and training which may be useful to you.


We can provide training in the following areas:

  • Recruiting Personal Assistants
  • Becoming an Employer
  • The role of a Personal Assistant
  • Support Planning for Direct Payments
  • Induction for Personal Assistants
  • Management of Personal Assistants
  • Working Policies & Procedures for Support staff
  • Administration, Monitoring and Financial Control of Direct Payments

Personalisation & Inclusion

This involves the assessment & review of your individual support needs. PaperChase will support learning, development & implementation of Person Centred Planning and Self Directed Support, with tools and processes.

Personalisation chartThis will enable disabled people to ‘Live a Life more Ordinary’ and includes developing influence and control, personal development and life skills.

It will also involve specialist training and developing reflective practice for all staff.

Training will be tailored to the needs of the individual and their support staff.

Other Services which may be useful

Action Plans

Developing schedules of actions required to reach a specific goal e.g. independent living, networking, etc.

Financial plans

Financial Plans can also be developed on their own to:

  • Determine forthcoming budgets for individual support needs
  • Planning the finances required for specific needs/projects e.g. annual holidays
  • Review of existing finances to deal with unexpected changes
  • Exploring alternative options for medium to longer term independent living needs

Policy Development

Assisting or developing your working policies such as Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety, Recruitment, Supervision, Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures, Pay, etc.


Direct Payment Services for Individuals


Review of your support and support staff and staff profiles, qualifications, knowledge and experiences. Training Needs Analysis will be used to develop and deliver custom-made training to meet your staff individual needs to ensure they are able to deliver the support you need


Researching and identifying relevant funding opportunities, assistance with developing applications and project plans (including budgets if necessary).

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Prices & Terms & Conditions

Service Hours per Month Charge per Process
Payroll 1-5 employees £26
Managed Accounts   £26
Full Package *   £71.50

* (Managed Accounts incl. Payroll & Auto Enrol Pension)

There are a variety of pricing options available:

Option 1 Individual Project

All project costs are calculated on an individual basis depending on the type of work required. This will be calculated following a detailed brief to scope the necessary work from which an estimate will be provided.

Option 2 Hourly Rate

This varies between £15 - £30 per hour & is dependent on the work required

Option 3 Monthly Contract Packages

This is a regular monthly contract and is available in a variety of options, 3 examples are as follows:

Package Hours per Month Charge per Month
1 5 £75
2 10 £150
3 20 £260
4 30 £350

Terms & Conditions

The breakdown of prices given are there to act as a guide and will be applicable unless the work required differs from the standard.

PaperChase will discuss your business requirements and prepare a detailed brief. All project costs are calculated on an individual basis depending on the type of work required. This will be calculated following a detailed brief to scope the necessary work from which an estimate will be provided. A service order description will then be prepared and the acceptance of this will serve as a contract between your business and PaperChase.

PaperChase works strictly on a 30 day payment period. If payment is not received within the 30 day payment period, penalty charges will be imposed.

Copywriting of any material which is to be edited or converted must belong to the client. Copyright of all new material designed by PaperChase belongs to PaperChase until payment is made for the material in full.

PaperChase reserve the right to use any designs created by them in the advertising of PaperChase both on the internet and in print form.

Cancellations will depend on the package and work commissioned and will be detailed in the service order. Cancellation for Business packages and regular work commissioned e.g. payroll will require one months' notice in order to ensure no cancellation charge. Commissioned and ‘one off' work will be charged at 50% with less than 48 hours' notice. Between 48 hours' – one weeks' notice for ‘one off' commissioned work will be charged at 25%.


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