Company Profile

PaperChase is a registered company limited by guarantee, based in southeast England.

PaperChase is a Social Enterprise, with the following social aims:

PaperChase aims to develop work experience opportunities for disabled people (specifically people with a learning disability). This will enable disabled people to play a more active part in their local economy and provide opportunities for personal development, as well as the opportunity to develop transferable work skills which links with

  • Local capacity building
  • Community empowerment & development
  • The inclusion of disadvantaged groups to participate in local economic activities

As a Social Enterprise, PaperChase is a "not for profit" company where all profits made are used to meet its social aims. It is governed by a Board of Trustees and Memorandums and Articles of Association.

PaperChase has been set up to provide businesses with the opportunity to review & revise the way they operate to enable them to increase maximum cost efficiency, as well as build their capacity and be socially responsible by working with a Social Enterprise.

  • PaperChase utilises people with extensive experience and qualifications
  • PaperChase prides itself in its ability to deliver high quality services
  • PaperChase provides a fast, accurate and confidential service at competitive rates

Our Values and Approach

A commitment to:

  • Diversity & equality of opportunity
  • Empowerment of local communities
  • Building the capacity of the local economy
  • Building the capacity of communities & the third sector
  • The development of an inclusive society which enables people from minority groups to play an active part in their local economy
  • Enabling people from minority groups to develop transferrable skills
  • Promoting opportunities for people from minority groups to develop work skills through work experience & training prospects

A recognition of:

  • The abilities, skills & creativity of local business & communities
  • The need for specific tailor-made solutions for individuals

A supportive approach which enables clients to learn & build their own capacity

Quality Promise

PaperChase is a specialist business support company and everyone involved is conscious that quality is vital, not only to the work undertaken but also the clients we work with.

The Team

PaperChase employs people with extensive experience and qualifications in all areas of business management to meet your business and administrative needs.

All professionals, who make up the work team, are vetted to ensure that the standard of their work is the highest quality. The work required is matched to the individual best placed to deliver this.

Company Profile

Managing Director

The Managing Director and founder of the Company, Chrys Brookes, has been involved in Business Management & Administration for 25 years and has extensive experience in the setting up, operating and sustaining high quality voluntary sector services.

In 1995 she set up and successfully managed Club 4 Kids, a registered charity, delivering inclusive childcare and play services, with a turnover of 150,000 per annum.

Chrys has extensive skills and expertise in business and project development and management. She also has extensive experience in development and mentoring of community projects and micro provision in various work related areas, including Quality Assurance and Training.

Chrys has also successfully secured and managed over 1.5m in grant funding over the past 17 years.

Our promise to you

Before we start our work with you we will:

  • Take a brief of the work requested
  • Assess the work required & prepare a work schedule for approval
  • Confirm our understanding of the work commissioned with the client
  • Once agreed, we will:

  • Undertake the work to the highest quality and within the timescale agreed
  • Provide a high-quality level of customer care and after care

Chrys Brookes
Managing Director


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